Billing System

  • Super easy to use for anyone!
  • Responsive layout so able to use the system on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Devices.
  • Fully Customisable by editing templates and Stylesheets.
  • Ability to create invoices, quotes and receipts.
  • Set invoices as either “Open” or “Paid”.
  • Set invoice start date and due date.
  • Unique invoice numbers and prefix on invoices (auto increase)
  • Can remove TAX / VAT when creating invoices and override default system settings for that invoice only.
  • You can manually create invoice items or select from your product / item inventory.
  • Manually enter custom billing / shipping details (auto-copied) or select from your customer database on invoices.
  • Ability to send invoices directly to customers, each type: invoice, quote or receipt which sends unique email content.
  • Can set invoices / shipping notes to invoice.
  • Auto PDF generation of invoices which can be emailed or downloaded.
  • Email content can be overridden when creating invoices to override default email content.
  • Setup pre-defined products / items with name, description and price.
  • Set pre-defined customers to be used to quickly insert into invoices.
  • User management to allow you to create system users to login and use the system.
  • Generate CSV spreadsheets of all invoices for download.
  • Configuration file to configure your system such as business details, tax/vat details, payment information etc..
  • Enable or Disable TAX / VAT on the system.
  • Set TAX / VAT rates.
  • Can set if the invoice products / items include TAX / VAT or exclude TAX / VAT.


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