Billing System

  • Super easy to use for anyone!
  • Responsive layout so able to use the system on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Devices.
  • Fully Customisable by editing templates and Stylesheets.
  • Ability to create invoices, quotes and receipts.
  • Set invoices as either “Open” or “Paid”.
  • Set invoice start date and due date.
  • Unique invoice numbers and prefix on invoices (auto increase)
  • Can remove TAX / VAT when creating invoices and override default system settings for that invoice only.
  • You can manually create invoice items or select from your product / item inventory.
  • Manually enter custom billing / shipping details (auto-copied) or select from your customer database on invoices.
  • Ability to send invoices directly to customers, each type: invoice, quote or receipt which sends unique email content.
  • Can set invoices / shipping notes to invoice.
  • Auto PDF generation of invoices which can be emailed or downloaded.
  • Email content can be overridden when creating invoices to override default email content.
  • Setup pre-defined products / items with name, description and price.
  • Set pre-defined customers to be used to quickly insert into invoices.
  • User management to allow you to create system users to login and use the system.
  • Generate CSV spreadsheets of all invoices for download.
  • Configuration file to configure your system such as business details, tax/vat details, payment information etc..
  • Enable or Disable TAX / VAT on the system.
  • Set TAX / VAT rates.
  • Can set if the invoice products / items include TAX / VAT or exclude TAX / VAT.

Cloud Laundry Management System

Cloud Laundry Management System is an Laundry management software to handle commercial and industrial laundry activities. With our laundry management software you can improve your Business efficiency and reduce expenses. Cloud Laundry Management System would be customized, installed and trained to all the operations like laundry collections, delivery, invoice, inventory management and reporting. With our system you can access your business from any part of the world. It is possible to monitor your business through Computer, laptop, Tables, Smart Phones and PDAs.

  • Add / Edit / Delete Laundry Service.
  • List Of Laundry Service.
  • Add / Edit / Delete Customer Profile.
  • List Of All Customer.
  • Easy To Assign Service.
  • One Click Invoice Generate.
  • Paid & Due Bill Section.
  • Receive & Delivery Date.
  • Printable Bill Copy.
  • Fuller / Washerman Profile.
  • Fuller Salery & Work Schdule’s.
  • invoice List.
  • Fully Responsive Design.
  • Fully Dynamic.
  • And More…

Cloud Membership Management System

With ITSC , you don’t just get a database for managing your members. You get the tools you need to grow, retain and engage more of your membership – so you grow faster.

One solution ties your membership database, financials, events, communications, website and project management together for real-time data integration. Easily accessible via three access points – desktop, browser and app for iPad – ITSC Connect gives you power and flexibility to access your data anywhere, anytime.


Connect is the industry’s most powerful membership management software system combined with an intuitive user interface.


All of the operational, analytical and collaborative tools to manage sales reps, members, prospects and their relationships in one central database.


Seamless integration with your website ensures dynamic, up-to-date content in real time.


Connect provides built-in, extensive and relevant member, event and financial management reports.


Adaptable to the unique needs of your association.


Attract and engage members on any device, anytime. Connect’s responsive design automatically adjusts to give your audience the optimal viewing experience from desktop to laptop, tablet and smartphone.


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